I love Waff journals so much!

@jessie.behr: Thanks @waffworld for the journals! They're awesome!


@barahonaoficial: I love my new journal, I feel like a girl with a new toy! 

WAFF journal customer review

 @jelliebeansmomma: I got my daughter an awesome WAFF set for Christmas, and she has a lot of fun with it...and I'm a sucker for stationery so I finally got some for myself! 

WAFF journal customer review, secret diary

@ik33psmiling: #iLOVEWAFF so excited for another writing/drawing journey with her new waff notebook!

waff journal customer review


@madeleine.adair: I have an obsession with journals, so imagine my joy when I find a beautiful journal with a soft surface that you can personalize from Sam's Club. 

 WAFF journal customer review


@bfchilian: I have so much fun with my amazing notebook!  

waff journal customer review instagram

@theotherdaddy: He sure loves his new summer journal!

waff journal customer review instagram 

@abs.the.realtor: Thanking our bestie for her new waff notebook-it's awesome!!

waff journal review instagram 

@forevertitanium: Loving these notebooks...

WAFF journal customer review




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