Learn & Play with WAFF

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they’re learning.” - Fred Rogers 

Learning is part of our everyday lives. In fact…learning is cool, learning is fun, and learning is a never-ending process. 

As we know, the early stages of a child’s development is crucial. These are the times wherein they are able to absorb what they see, feel, and hear around them. And for most of us, the big challenge is, how do we convince our kids to get into the learning experience? 



Well, it may not be new to us anymore, but there is such a thing as learning through playing. Children are fast learners, and incorporating play in their learning process can help with their development. Furthermore, here are some benefits why we promote learning through playing: 

  1. Learning through playing is ENJOYABLE. It helps take away the pressure on them, and in turn, they get to appreciate the process.   
  2. It helps children EXPRESS THEMSELVES. It’s a time for them to let loose and express what they think and feel.   
  3. It helps DEVELOP SOCIAL SKILLS. Through learn and play sessions, children get to engage and interact with each other and hence develop their social skills. 
  4. It FOSTERS IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY. Children have an unlimited imagination. You’ll be surprised to discover how much creativity they have in them just waiting to be unleashed. 

So yes, here at the WAFF HQ, we’re all for learning and playing. In fact, we’ve curated our products with that purpose in mind — we offer creative, educational, and playable products that help spark and unlock endless creativity. 

WAFF is a creative interactive journal with a cover inspired by the grid of a waffle. You can also customize your journal by using lego-like assorted color clip cubes and symbols to spell out words, create pixel arts, and even form math equations. 

There you have it, let’s go play and learn together!  

The WAFF Team