Frequently Asked Questions:

You have questions, we have answers!

1. How fast do we pack and ship out our orders?

2-3 business days

2. Where do we ship from?

We have two warehouses. One is located in Montreal, Canada and the other is located in the Champlain, United States.

Shipping address from Canada: 7740 Transcanadienne, Montreal, Quebec H4T 1A5 Canada

Shipping address from USA: USA from 1702 STATE ROUTE 11 PMB 2, MOOERS, NY 12958-3708

3. Why there are no taxes for US customers? 

Because we are a Canadian company and under international trading laws, we are exempt from charging US customers taxes.

4. What languages do we use on the packaging?

English, French, and Spanish.

5. What do I do if my product arrived damaged?

Send a request to our office,  (we will need order number, customer details and proof of damages) . If approved, we will replace damaged product at our cost.

 6. Can I change my mind and return my product? 

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns.

  7. I have a store and I want to buy WAFF for my store, what do I do? 

Please contact our wholesale team 

8. If I have additional questions about the product, where can I get some answers? 

Please contact our office at