WAFF Journals

WAFF is a creative interactive journal inspired from the grid of a waffle. Customize your journal by spelling out words, creating pixelated art, and even forming math equations!*

*WAFF cubes sold separately.

If you are wanting a journal that you can make yours in your own unique way, stop by Waff. As a renowned and reliable online store, we are committed to offering the most appealing and creative products.

Waff has a great lineup with something for all ages. For the creative writer, we have some fun journals, for the organized one, we've got a great planner and for the playful smarty, we have some great play mats. Some of our journals have the option to customize them using letters, emojis and numbers. And they come in some beautiful colors with and without glitter. 

 These entirely customizable journals and notebooks are available in different sizes and colors. You can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and wants. Modeled on a waffle grid, these journals improve the spelling skills of your child in an admirable way. You cannot find a better gift for your kid.

 School notes can be taken using these personalized journals. These products are extensively used in kindergarten and daycare activities nowadays. You can also utilize them as bullet journals and for fun math problems.

 If you are searching for the most appealing and functional personalized notebooks from one part of the country to another, Waff is your go to.



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