Welcoming a New Year can be both exciting and intimidating. For some, it can mean a fresh take on things. While for others, it can mean anticipation of challenges that lie ahead.

Whatever feeling you may have now, one thing is for sure – a New Year always means a new start, a new beginning.

So, to kickstart 2022, we think that it’s high time for you to start with unlocking your endless creativity by building on your New Year practice – Journaling.

Now you may ask, “Why do you call it a New Year practice instead of resolution?”.  Well, for one we want it to be a habit building for you. Something that you can commit to do on a daily basis, and have fun in the process.

Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, you can start with your journaling today. And here are some tips to get you going:

Choose a theme – Start small like recording your daily thoughts, experiences, or feelings through the help of journal prompts. You can also do a Daily Gratitude Journal wherein you write down the moments or things that you are thankful for the day

Set a reminder – Building a habit means doing it consistently. In need of a little nudge? Go on, and set that alarm so you can make time to do your journaling at the same time every day

Don’t be afraid to Express Yourself – Make journaling a relaxing and enjoyable process by choosing your favorite pen for writing, and a personalized notebook that you can carry around with you anytime, anywhere.

At WAFF World Gifts Inc., you can choose from an array of one-of-a-kind, vibrantly-colored, and customizable journals to start with your journaling journey.

Waff Journal

WAFF is a creative interactive journal with a cover inspired by the grid of a waffle. You can also customize your journal by using lego-like assorted color clip cubes and symbols to spell out words and create pixel arts.


MOZAIKA Journal comes with a pin-up silicone cover, 2 silicone clips, and customizable letter and emoji pins.



MEMENTO Journal comes with a beautiful and soft silicone cover and is perfect for bullet journaling, note-taking, and/or sketching


Spara Journal

SPARA Journal is a creative and interactive bullet journal with 200 letters and emoji pins, soft and reusable silicone cover, and pen holder.


Remember, you don’t need to put a lot of pressure on yourself. Just take it easy and reflect on your happy moments and gratitude, and eventually you’ll see the positive results of journaling – it will make you get to know yourself better, boost your self-confidence, and will help you stay motivated and inspired to unlock endless creativity.


Happy Journaling,

The WAFF Team